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Jan 30, 2013 7:30am EST
entirety at live now to the w hotel here in washington where senators chuck schumer and john mccain will discuss some of the big policy issues being debated in congress including bipartisan immigration legislation unveiled this week. it's part of politico's playbook breakfast series moderated by white house correspondent mike allen. of it's just getting underway. >> we have two of the ring leaders here this morning, senator mccain and senator schumer who helped pull off something that in washington people didn't think was possible, which was a bipart sap agreement. so they'll take us inside that, and we're going to look ahead to the coming days. before we chat with the senators, we're going to welcome politico's manu ragu who helped break this story and then after that we'll have senator mccain. before that i'd like to thank bank of america for their partnership for making these conversations possible, including that incredible brunch at the inauguration where people had a great time. some people had too great a time. we had great conversation. the playbook series is a forum tha
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am EST
. chief david lee crenshaw. pendleton. sergeant channing b. hicks, greer. sergeant john d. meador ii, columbia. first lieutenant ryan d. rawl, lexington. master corporal sandra sandy rogers, aiken. private first class adam c. ross, lyman. sergeant first class, matthew b. thomas, travelers rest. on behalf of all south carolinians to their families, know that we will never forget. [ applause ] we love and respect our men and women in uniform here in south carolina. a few things make me as proud as the level of patriotism that just radiates off our state and her people. when i make that call to the families who just lost a loved one, i promised them the people of south carolina will wrap their arms around them. may god continue to bless you and your volunteers for their service. [ applause ] we have another very special guest with us tonight, a hard core rock star. brigadier general lori reynolds. the commanding general of one of the greatest military institutions that's ever existed. the marine corps recruit depot parris island. if you don't believe me, tour it yourself. but take mid a
Feb 1, 2013 6:00am EST
an atlantic council discussion on the situation in mali. >> john mccain's 2000 campaign when he ran for president is the most memorable campaign. i mean, of any that i've ever covered or been around. i mean, it was just -- we'll never, we'll never see it again. i mean, here he was, you know, facing george w. bush who had all the face cards of the republican party backing him, and the three republican governors in new hampshire and all the money, and john mccain went out and held 114 town meetings, and he stayed there until every or question was answered. and you'd see people, you'd see the lightbulb going off over people's head. when are we going to get the patient's bill of rights? and john mccain would say we're not going to get a patient's bill of rights as long as my party's owned by the trial lawyers. it was just this refreshing candor, and you'd see it in people's responses. and then he was totally open to the press. i mean, there was a candor and an opennesses and sort of a welcomeness that no one had seen before, and no one certainly has seen since. >> longtime columnist and
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am EST
've advertised for myself. right here. >> hi. christine vargas, recent graduate of johns hopkins. my question has to do with prt teams and their interaction with troops, with engagement teams. to address the martian problem, you want to put a civilian with a group of men and women like that to maybe soften them up, and i know there were attempts specifically in afghanistan to do just that. have there been any highly successful programs of that nature aside from the efforts that some very brave prt team members did that are being discussed for future engagements should the u.s. population have the appetite to go into another country and try to connect with a community like that again? >> yeah, great question. there is, there is a tendency right now to want to wipe the whiteboard clean. there is a certain move afoot that says counterip sur general si doesn't work and, therefore, we will wipe the whiteboard, and we will turn to something else. a little bit like couldn't reach the grapes, so they must have been sour. and my view is that's not the way we ought to go. my view is because it's hard in af
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
airborne division before attending john carroll university in cleveland, ohio. he was commissioned in the infantry as a distinguished military graduate, and his military services include assignments in kentucky, ohio, california and germany, just to name a few. he has also served in saudi arabia, qatar, macedonia and iraq. he's held a vawrty of positions including area comoonder, battalion executive officer, adviser to saudi arabia national guard brigade and the multi-national by gad in iraq. -- brigade in iraq. his military education includes advanced course, naval college stance, graduating with distinction and a u.s. air force air war college. i want to say a few notes about the program today. general ham is going to speak, and then we will have a question and answer session. i ask that we all be mindful of the time and keep your questions brief. please be mindful that this is a lecture, and we are going to encourage faculty and student participation. i will recognize our students first before moving to faculty and other guests. one final note. although ralph bunch's scholarly a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5